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The candle industry is booming and showing no signs of slowing down... Yes, That's Right... You read correctly... Candles!  Last year alone, the candle industry did $2.3 Billion in sales throughout North America and is growing an estimated 10% annually.

  • 12 year old debt free company.
  • Affordable startup options.
  • Rock solid corporate management.
  • Complete training and ongoing support.
  • Several different ways to earn an income with our opportunity.

Whether for a gift, or to use in your own home or business, almost everyone has purchased or given away a candle or several of them at one time of another.

  • Candles are burned in 7 out of 10 homes.
  • 67% use candles at least once per week (for at least 3 hours).
  • $2 billion in annual sales in U.S. retail sales.
  • Candles are one of the most popular decor accents.


It's Fun - It's Simple - It's Profitable 

Going Green has become a prominent phrase for many companies, and a conscious choice for many families.  Take three natural product lines, wrap them up into one dynamic business, and you've got a company helping people enjoy life's simple pleasures in a whole new healthier way!

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