AFTER 3 DAYS - Richard heard Dr. Carolyn Dean talk about RnA Drops on the Jeff Rense show, ordered a sample bottle and called in his report within a few days...listen:

AFTER 2 WEEKS - Michael in South Africa reports amazing results with RnA Drops after just two weeks of use:

AFTER 30 DAYS  -  Vera swears that RnA Drops are "the cure for anxiety and stress"...not to mention an improved libido after 30+ years of marriage!!! 

AFTER 90 DAYS  -  Lisa 'didn't notice anything at first' but THEN her fiberous tumors disappeared:


WITH PROLONGED USE - Kim was scheduled for a heart transplant in February 2012 and received a clean bill of health from her doctor in November 2012...listen:



The most current genetic research is now validating the untapped potential of genetic material in every human cell. Through the Encode Project and similar studies, scientists are now acknowledging that 98% of the genetic material in the human body requires new information to organize itself into improved health, accelerated well-being and life force energy.
The powerful effects of these findings ripple through the world of science and create a demand for the new food sources that will allow nutrition to be more completely utilized in the human body for the purpose of enhanced cellular replication.  Amazingly, RnA Drops deliver that ingredient through a breakthrough cellular technology called the iCell.
The iCell is a "newly" created cell that is incubated and harvested using sprouted barley. Included in that sprouting process:
  • Clover seeds
  • Pepper seeds
  • Alfalfa water
  • A live yeast sponge
Additionally, an electrical current is used to simulate the curing process to solidify the iCell in a contained field.
iCells occur in nature as do naturally-occurring yeast spores which are ambient and not specific to a particular environment and have an effect on other organisms. iCells have appeared inadvertently throughout man's existence but remained inconsistently identified until now. RnA Drops deliver the power of the iCell through a patented liquid formula that is highly absorbable 100% natural, vegan formula that is compatible with all foods, supplements and medicines, safe at every level and shown to have no known side effects. 


How RnA Drops Work

Cell membranes are positively affected by the iCell. A cycle of production ensues within the cellular cytoplasm promoting healthy cells and the creation of new stabilized amino acids like trimethyllysine. 

There is a relationship between the iCell and amino acids (lysine and trimethyllysine), lipids, phospholipids and picominerals that allows the cell's ion channels within the cell membrane to become more permeable to necessary nutrients. 

The iCell process enhances the production of trimethyllysine, a necessary component in the transport and breakdown of lipids. Trimethyllysine is a component of histone proteins; a precursor of carnitine; and the coenzyme of fatty acid oxidation. 

Carnitine is created from lysine and methionine making a quaternary ammonium compound. In living cells, it transports fatty acids from the cytosol into the mitochondria as lipids are being broken down to generate metabolic energy. 

RnA Drops Quality and Potency

RnA Drops contain certified organic barley that is grown in the United States and sprouted in a controlled environment.
RnA Drops are free of fillers, additives, and artificial sweeteners.
RnA Drops are free from genetically modified ingredients.
RnA Drops are gluten-freen, vegan and kosher.
RnA Drops are produced under according to highly detailed specifications. Additionally, best practices are used in growing, production and bottling process.
RnA Drops are made in the USA.
No animal testing used with this product.

ReAline Capsules

Product Size:  60 capsules

You may have started the Completement Formulas with only the Trial Bottle of RnA Drops and not been aware of ReAline. 

The foundational building blocks of the cells of the body are based on amino acids. RNA programs DNA to weave together amino acids to make proteins that provide for the structure and function of the body. Researchers have found 3,741 magnesium receptor sites on human protein. So, it’s obvious that everything works together

ReAline is a specific formula that provides the perfect building blocks to enhance and assist the body in detoxifying chemicals and heavy metals. iON calls it “Taking out the trash.” The amino acids in ReAline are sulfur-based – dl-methionine and l-taurine. Even though sulfur is the third most common mineral in the body (after calcium and phosphorous), sulfur’s importance is not commonly acknowledged. However, it is a key component in balanced DNA and protein replication. Obtaining sulphur from these amino acids is more metabolically sound than taking sulfur supplements because the body can gauge how much it requires in any given moment.

Methionine is a precursor to glutathione, the most powerful antioxidant in the body, capable of removing heavy metals and chemicals.

We highly recommend using ReAline along with RnA Drops. 

Dosing ReAline: Take 1 capsule per day for one week, then two per day in the second week, and continue with two per day in subsequent weeks. Taking ReAline morning and evening, with or without food, begins “removing the trash” that may have been building up in your lymphatic system. It clears the way for the new perfect cells being created by the RnA Drops.

The FDA has not evaluated this product.


The Completement Forumula's were officially introduced to the public in April 2011 with one product: RnA Drops. We added our RnA Drops companion product, ReAline early in 2011, ReNew in July 2011, ReMag in September 2012 and ReMyte in May 2013. For those who wanted More RnA Drops we added our large-size RnA Drops bottle,
ReBob in August 2011. 
RnA Drops are the cornerstone of the Completement Line and each additional product gives infinitely more value to your perfecting cells. Completement is the model and blueprint for Ascension. Perfect cells require perfect minerals and amino-acids. Our Completement Line takes the guesswork our of using ‘supplements.’ The guesswork has been replaced with the certainty of giving your body exactly what it wants – Completement.


** These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. RnA Drops & all associated Completement Formulas listed on this website are not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure disease. Please consult with your medical doctor if you have a health condition or concern.


Product Information:


RnA Drops - Nature's Perfect Nutrient

Trial bottle serving size: .75ml 
Servings per container: 90 drops [30 day supply]
Ingredients:  Insulinose, Phosphorous
Packaging:   To maintain product purity and integrity, RnA Drops are packaged in non-leaching glass bottles. 
Adults can begin with 1-3 drops on time daily, hold under tongue for 30 seconds, then swallow.
Not necessary to mix with food or drink.
Not required for children under the age of 6. 
Introductory serving: Once daily for 30 days.
Initial usage [30-120 days]: 6-10 drops 2 times daily.
Prolonged use [4 months+]: 15 drops 2 times daily. 


ReNew Skin Serum

Product Size:  30ml

ReNew Serum provides leading-edge skin enrichment. Insulinose, the formula found in RnA Drops, is concentrated to a 10X level and is the primary ingredient of ReNew.

The concentrate alone is superior to any serum presently on the market. This serum is “alive” and is therefore very potent.

To complement the Insulinose concentrate, this serum includes ozonated olive oil, as a pure and perfect medium. This formula allows for complete absorption at the cellular level. ReNew also utilizes pure Egyptian Rose Oil of the highest quality available in the world.

After your first application of ReNew, you will notice a shift in the appearance of your skin. With continued use, especially involving problem areas, including scars, loss of elasticity and dehydration, significant skin improvement will become evident. ReNew Serum is highly recommended for use under the eyes and any identified areas that would benefit from cellular reparation.

Skin breakouts, such as acne or other eruptions of the dermis, are soothed and diminished. ReNew Serum is beneficial for cuticle care and restoration. ReNew began as an anti-aging treatment for the skin but grew into much more. People put it on scar tissue with excellent results. They use it on dry rashes and over healing wounds. (We don’t recommend it on open rashes or wounds because it can sting due to its acidic pH.) Some people apply it to the base of their skull and find they have clearer focus. Applied to the base of the penis has increase libido and decreased prostate hypertrophy.

ReMag - The Magnesium Miracle

Product Size:  240ml

Magnesium is a necessary cofactor for over 700 enzymes that perform vital metabolic functions in the body. It’s a simple mineral that prevents and treats diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, migraines, heart disease, osteoporosis, anxiety, insomnia, and a dozen other serious health conditions.

The picometer size of ReMag allows it to be absorbed completely at the cellular level. You can begin ReMag at the same time as your RnA Drops. Whereas ReAline clears your lymphatics, ReMag will immediately enter your cells and expel heavy metals, chemicals or cellular byproducts. Therefore, you might undergo some healing and cleansing reactions. 

Dosing ReMag:

Begin with a low dose of ReMag if you feel you are toxic. ReMag comes in a dropper bottle so you can begin with 5-10 drops a day. Each drop of ReMag has 2.5 mg of elemental magnesium. If you are a veteran magnesium-taker, you can begin with the maintenance dose: ½ teaspoon twice a day (the equivalent is 2 droppers, twice a day). If you have health conditions, you may want to take ½-1 teaspoon, two to three times a day. 

ReMyte - Perfect Electrolytes

Product Size:  240ml


Electrolytes are ionic conductors of electrical current in the body. They are dissolved in bodily fluids and travel throughout the body ready to activate nerve cells and muscle cells for electrical and physical activity. Electrolytes also regulate, effect and affect metabolism at every level of the body.

ReMyte is a Completement formula that will perfectly balance electrolytes in your system allowing for complete hydration.

ReM yte goes far beyond most electrolyte solutions by providing one dozen minerals in the unique picometer, ionic size that allows for complete absorption at the cellular level. Thus the potency of the minerals can be very low, eliminating any possibility of toxicity, yet when 100% absorbed at the cellular level, these minerals are highly effective.

Remyte includes Boron, Copper, Chromium, Iodine, Selenium, Zinc, which have very specific roles to play in bone health, blood vessel integrity, blood sugar balance, thyroid support, cancer protection, immune system regulation.

ReMyte works synergistically with ReMag, our magnesium product. ReMag stabilizes lipid cell membranes to allow the mineral ions from ReLyte to properly enter the cells and hold onto these minerals as they perform their cellular functions. ReMyte and ReMag also enhance the activity of RnA Drops and ReAline, which are designed to encourage perfect cellular replication.

Dosing ReMyte:

The dosage for each mineral in ReLyte is very much lower than the RDA. However, because all the minerals are in a picometer size, they are absorbed completely into the cells and immediately go to work. You can read more in the free booklet Invisible Minerals Part II: Multiple Minerals. 

The suggested dosage is ¾ teaspoon, twice a day, but it can range from ¼ teaspoon per day to ¾ teaspoon twice a day. The combination of minerals will have a positive effect on the thyroid, blood vessels, heart, prostate, breasts – every organ and tissue of the body. 

ReMyte contains several minerals that support the thyroid: Iodine, Selenium, Zinc, Molybdenum, Copper and Magnesium. When you take ReMyte it can “wake up” your thyroid and improve your metabolism. But be aware that if you are on thyroid medication, you may find yourself a bit hyperactive because you no longer need as much thyroid medication as you are taking. Be sure and check with your doctor about reducing your medication.

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ReNew Skin Serum



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