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I Was
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A Few Months Later, Chronic Fatigue Left Me For The First Time in 3 Years, I Could Eat Dairy & Processed Food Again (without getting sick), and My Ability to KNOW outcomes replaced useless thinking... like I am tapped into a higher intelligence.

Michelle S. "Hesitant to take RnA Drops", she likes being in control.  Her experience below, press play..




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Dear Colleague,
Below is my true story of being introduced to 'iON' at a time when things were looking horribly down.  After losing my home, my health, my finances, my wife...

A miracle occured.  Watch and let me share my story with you.  Thousands of people have been exposed to the RnA drops and iON's teachings.  It's a message of "taking your power back" and a NEW, PATENTED INGREDIENT "insulinose" never before seen.  The reason is simple, it was designed with extra-terrestrial help.  Results speak for themselves. 

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"Got the Rna and Realine just fine here in China........fastest service I've had yet.......about 8 days from U.S.A. to Beijing. i took the drops and Realine together.........i then experienced instant healing. i can confirm the effectiveness of Rna, more importantly, that this is way beyond the "placebo effect". You've actually got a new form of technology in your hands. i would market it as such, "a new form of technology........liquid information". i plan on marketing this stuff here in Asia, as it is just too good to keep to myself........ Keep up the good work."


Bryan K
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As you can now realize, now that you've SENSED what I speak of is 100% REAL, I'm not some phoney invisible-man hiding behind a computer screen, just a real truth-seeker like you... the implications of RnA drops are enormous. 

We reached over 1,000,000 page hits the first month RnA drops launched it's official corporate site in April of 2011.  This was the very first time we allowed the public to purchase RnA drops.  At the time, I had personally been on the drops for 4 months. 

In my own personal experience, the INSTANT BLISS FEELING was a shock!  It was like a feeling of straddling between two worlds.  Colors were brighter, my body became lighter... literally.  Many profound things changed and I was told by iON that the key to surviving radiation was held within the confines of engaging RnA drops to the tune of 20 drops, twice per day.  Whether you believe this or not, it is not important. 


Deadly Radiation as H-197 Is Released Into Our Atmosphere?

Who is to say what the answer is, and everyone is free to their own opinion - our correspondent in Japan (Akito) has his testimonial below on Radiation & RnA Drops:

To hear more authentic REAL PEOPLE share their RnA Drops testimonials, 

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